Campaign to profile Wollongong’s credentials for the new world of work

In this brave new world of work, Wollongong’s ongoing and rapid transformation has positioned our city perfectly for people, and for business. This is the key message of Invest Wollongong’s new digital advertising campaign.

The recent uplift in A-grade office accommodation in Wollongong positions it as a legitimate, alternative CBD location to support businesses in a post-pandemic environment and this campaign aims to get this message out to businesses in capital cities, according to Mark Grimson, Economic Development Manager at Wollongong City Council.

“As organisations look to new options – whether a new HQ, a satellite office, or remote work hub to provide more flexible working arrangements for staff – the digital advertising campaign seeks to ensure business leaders understand the opportunities that Wollongong can offer,” according to Mr Grimson.

“Invest Wollongong has developed this campaign to grow awareness of the rapid, ongoing transformation of the CBD from an office perspective, as well as highlight our city’s great liveability benefits – Wollongong offers the best of both worlds.”

The new campaign will target business audiences in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and is set to run for the next five months: a period where many companies may be looking at new, flexible, blended work models for their teams as part of ‘return-to-the-office’ plans.

The campaign will feature a range of new marketing materials, including a new CBD profile video, Invest Wollongong’s revised Office Market Prospectus and a new website landing page.

“We don’t need to tell locals about all the advantages that Wollongong has to offer when it comes to the working environment and the all-important work/life balance we strive for,’’ Wollongong City Lord Mayor Councillor Gordon Bradbery AM said.

“What we’re doing through this step with Invest Wollongong is taking a proactive approach to marketing Wollongong’s key attributes to a broader audience and building awareness of our city’s diverse drawcards to more people, businesses and entrepreneurs who might be thinking about their next steps.

“We live in interesting and challenging times and we’re at an exciting juncture in terms of the working environment. The big rethink about work/life balance and how to be more engaged with climate change mitigation, travel and the regional focus are all pluses for investors to consider in Wollongong. It’s essential we make sure our city is positioning itself in a way to attract exciting opportunities, top talent and the next generation of businesses to guide our future.’’

The digital advertising campaign coincides with the significant uplift in new A-grade accommodation within the Wollongong CBD. Taking into consideration new A-grade office accommodation either recently completed, under construction or in the development pipeline, the increase represents a 75% increase in the last five years.

“Alongside the city’s existing benefits as a business location – with access to a large talent pool, proximity to Sydney, enviable lifestyle and lower than average staff turnover rates – the fact that Wollongong now has a supply of premium office space means it really is perfectly positioned for people, and for business,” Mr Grimson said.

Already, Wollongong is home to national and global companies, particularly its thriving tech sector, professional services and shared services industry. There’s also plenty of momentum in the clean energy sector, such as green hydrogen and offshore wind.

Invest Wollongong is a partnership between Wollongong City Council, the NSW Government and the University of Wollongong, and focusses on assisting businesses and investors interested in Wollongong.

The new digital advertising campaign is set to launch next week, driving traffic to

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