Research institutions and facilities

SMART ensures unbiased, top-tier research to assist Australian infrastructure planning. Its four research areas include water and energy, systems and logistics, cities and transport, and health and education. Areas of focus are smart city, transport and AIoT innovation

UOW’s Institute of Cybersecurity and Cryptology (iC²) is one of the leading security research centres in Australia. The iC² has been instrumental in contributing towards the world standard for encryption used to secure wireless technology.

The Advantage SME program at UOW offers regional small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a comprehensive gateway to University resources, including student and researcher access, lab services, and the iAccelerate business hub.

iAccelerate is a unique business accelerator and incubator program that supports start-ups, fosters growth and innovation in established companies, and provides pathways for researchers to commercialise their ideas. It provides offices and shared spaces for more than 200 entrepreneurs.

AIIM brings together biologists, clinicians, chemists, physicists engineers and materials scientists to transform multi-functional materials research into commercial reality, pioneering solutions addressing health challenges and advancing manufacturing capabilities.

Making use of cutting-edge technologies, UOW’s Molecular Horizons is a hub merging chemistry and biology to unravel molecular life intricacies, combat global health challenges, and advance drug development for enhanced disease management.

SBRC collaborates with industry to enhance energy efficiency in buildings, showcasing technology’s role in achieving net-zero energy goals. Projects span sustainable technologies, thermal design improvements, disaster resilience, and digital transformation using AI and big data for urban sustainability.

UOW is a founding partner of the DMTC (formerly Defence Materials Technology Centre). This collaborative work with industry, research and government partners is helping to expand regional defence capability and accelerate local competitiveness.

TRICEP bridges research and industry, spearheading 3D bioprinting advancements with cutting-edge infrastructure. It focuses on printer tech, biomaterials, bioinks, and expanding efforts in marine bioresources for research and industry growth.

Early Start brings together early childhood teaching and community engagement initiatives with world-leading researchers working on all aspects of child development, from cognitive development to digital learning and literacy to healthy lifestyles and social inclusion.

ANCORS focuses on ocean law, maritime security, and marine resource management. Renowned for expertise in sea law, policy, and security, it excels in capacity building and education in these fields.

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