A growing tech hub

There’s a reason why Wollongong is becoming a growing hub of forward-thinking tech companies.

From start-ups and scale-ups to well-established tech giants, Wollongong offers the perfect conditions for your tech business to thrive. A talent pool with the right qualifications and experience; cost-effective operating costs and an active network of tech professionals are just some of the drawcards.

If you’re looking for the right foundations to grow your tech business – we invite you to take a look.

Large talent pool

We know attracting the right staff in the IT industry can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking for a work-ready graduate or a seasoned professional, the talent pool in Wollongong can help you gain a competitive edge.

If you’re after experience, you can tap into the large commuter pool that includes IT professionals. With thousands commuting to Greater Sydney every day for work, offering an opportunity close to home often means you’ll have your pick of new recruits.

Location and lifestyle

Tech companies based in Wollongong can use their location to gain that competitive edge. Cost savings from lower operational costs and lower staff turnover can be channelled into more competitive salaries. Coupled with the lifestyle benefits of living in Wollongong and the work-life balance it has to offer, and local tech companies often find they are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right talent.

From a hiring perspective, we don’t have the competitive noise of Sydney, and we find the calibre of tech talent incredible.

– Nick Muldoon, Easy Agile

Pipeline of graduates

Thanks to a focus on industry engagement, many IT graduates from the University of Wollongong come into the workplace with practical experience.

In 2019, over 1,700 students completed an industry-based project, and over 4,200 completed a professional experience placement. Combined with the education from a #1 ranking NSW university in areas such as skill development, and you’ll find bright, enthusiastic graduates ready to make a difference.

A huge, huge advantage of being in Wollongong is having that talent pipeline coming from UOW. In our local office, almost 95% are UOW grads.

– Eamonn Bell, Co-founder & Design Lead, Accelo

Access to research and collaboration

The University of Wollongong has a strong focus on industry collaboration, particularly in the area of technology. The options to work with UOW are broad, whether you’re looking for business mentorship, researching new ideas, or testing new technologies. With a focus on supporting the skills for the future and businesses that are transforming Australia’s economy, UOW offers a number of avenues to work together.

Entrepreneur support

Home to the region’s business incubator and accelerator, iAccelerate offers support for entrepreneurs looking to turn their ideas into high growth companies.

State-of-the-art research

UOW’s SMART Infrastructure Facility is one of the largest research institutes in the world. Through partnerships and collaboration that bring together experts across different fields, the SMART research team looks to solve some of our biggest challenges.

Testing new technology

Supporting Wollongong’s Smart City status, the Digital Living Lab has developed LoRaWAN technology and partnered with the Internet of Things (IoT) network to test real-life applications of new technologies.

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