Real work-life balance in Wollongong

Benefits for staff retention

Research undertaken by Fifth Quadrant in 2019 found that – based on a 150 seat contact centre – the staff turnover rate in Wollongong was eight per cent, compared to the Australian average of 19 per cent.

The connection between retention and work-life balance is backed-up by the experience of business leaders and managers in the city, including at Mercer Administration Services Wollongong office, where People and Culture Leader, Renee Whiteside, manages around 550 people.

“I think there’s a general sense of meaning and purpose in the locals. And by being able to have that work-life balance – family, career, hobbies, education, career – it means we have incredible retention rates,” she says.

Engaged, committed workforce

By reducing the amount of time commuting – a typical commute in Wollongong is between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the transport mode – people can arrive to work more energetic, and productive, and feel more satisfied with their work-life balance.

This balance is a core reason given by Wollongong-based business leaders and people managers for strong staff satisfaction rates, including CEO of health insurer Peoplecare, Dr Melinda Williams.

“I know that lifestyle is a major reason for our low staff turnover rates,” Dr Williams says. “What Wollongong has to offer our business, has helped us win several national employer of choice awards.”

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