Relocating your business? Looking to expand or enable flexible working?

Wollongong is a thriving economic hub where serious growth is happening–right here, right now.

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Work, life & play in perfect harmony

Wollongong’s thriving work-life balance means you can build business networks and connections with like-minded people while enjoying a vibrant coastal lifestyle creating your superb work-life balance.

Discover – The alternative CBD location

Wollongong is the perfect location to consider for your business to establish a new HQ, set-up a satellite office or a remote work hub to accommodate flexible work options.

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Discover – A large, skilled talent pool

More that 500,000 working adults live within a one-hour commute, with more and more professionals moving to Wollongong for lifestyle and career opportunities.

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Discover – A more cost effective CBD location

Up to 33% more cost-effective than Sydney, Melbourne or Parramatta and retention rates above the national average.

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Discover – Liveability & work-life balance

Wollongong is easy to get around, has great public infrastructure and a beautiful natural environment. It’s a city perfectly positioned for people and business.

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Discover – A strategic, accessible location

One hour from Sydney and its airports and 2.5 hours from Canberra, as well as direct flights from the local regional airport to Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Discover – Our supportive business community

Home to a thriving business community and established business networks that encourage an engaged and supportive environment, city-wide.

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Discover – A global university

Home to the University of Wollongong, a world-class research and teaching university strongly connected to our community.

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