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Business case development and location selection reports

If you are considering moving your business to Wollongong, we can help you develop your business case. We want to ensure that you are fully informed about our city and the benefits you and your staff will enjoy by being based here. The Invest Wollongong team are experienced, have an exceptional understanding of Wollongong, its business precincts, major infrastructure, supply chain and partnership opportunities. We are also well connected to local services, professional networks and businesses.

If you are based internationally, working with us will prove to be an efficient way to enter the New South Wales and Australian market.

Type of information we can provide

  • High level business intelligence and contacts
  • Wollongong’s infrastructure and local services
  • Real estate and indicative costs
  • Wollongong lifestyle
  • Assistance with detailed ABS workforce profile

Sectors we specialise in

We are able to provide you with sector specific information. Some of the sectors we are particularly experienced with include

Not in one of the above industries?

Don’t let the above list of sectors put you off – we welcome businesses from all industries and will do our best to provide you with the key business decision making information you and your company require.


Incentives, grants and programs for businesses

Invest Wollongong can provide you with advice on the various grants, incentives and programs available to businesses who are in Wollongong or planning to move their organisation here.

Australian Government Grants and Programs

To view the full list of incentives, grants and programs available visit:

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