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Why Wollongong?

Whether you’re looking to establish a new headquarters, set-up a satellite office, a shared service centre, or a new base for flexible work practices – Wollongong has the right ingredients to make it a success. Here are just a few reasons why:

Ability to service a global client base

Wollongong’s location provides the ideal base for doing business, whether your customers are national or international. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • 1 hour south of Sydney Airport and the new Western Sydney airport, which means easy travel for you and your clients.
  • Well connected by freight, train, and home to a major port terminal.
  • Strong digital connections, including double and triple fibre optic redundancy and strong NBN infrastructure.

    “It’s been awesome to be able to service really the whole world just from Wollongong.”

– Eamonn Bell, Co-founder & Design Lead, Accelo

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Reap the benefits of genuine work-life balance

The hours worked in the professional and financial services industries are known for being long. Add the commute and congestion of working in a major city, and work-life balance quickly becomes an after-thought.

Consider Wollongong and you can find a better way. A way to work in your career, while still having the time to get outdoors, see more of your family – or whatever you choose. Work-life balance is a real, lived experience in Wollongong and one that can see you get the best of both worlds.

The added bonus, of course, is the impact on staff. A healthy work-life balance is known to improve mental wellbeing, engagement, and workplace productivity. With such an attractive employee value proposition, it’s no wonder that Wollongong has come out on top when it comes to low staff turnover.

“From the moment they knock off from work, they’re often home in 15 minutes or less, which means they get to have their downtime and leisure time. They’re not burdened by hours and hours of travel.”

– Craig Osbourne, CEO, Unison Outsourcing

Are you looking for the ideal base to grow your business?

Does the ongoing impact of COVID-19 have you re-assessing the way your business works? The modern office is changing, business models are adapting, and the door is open to new opportunities. Whether you’re looking to set-up a satellite office, a shared service centre, or a new base for flexible work practises - Wollongong is ready.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wollongong CBD had seen an unprecedented level of investment and construction, including $1.6B of investment in recent years. With an additional 28,000 sqm of A-grade office space under construction or newly completed, there’s a variety of brand-new properties ready to welcome businesses in Wollongong’s growing professional services sector.

Lang's Corner

Lang's Corner

A landmark A-grade office development offering premium space at the lower end of Crown Street Mall (12,732 sqm GFA).

Gateway on Keira

Gateway on Keira

A newly completed A-grade office development on Keira Street (5,200 sqm GFA).



A new mixed-use development offering A-grade office space overlooking the Wollongong CBD (5,500 sqm GFA)

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