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Advanced manufacturing businesses who chose to call Wollongong home

Wollongong is home to many large and established advanced manufacturing companies that are servicing Australia and the world with high quality and high performance manufactured products.

With highly skilled employees in the design, R&D, fabrication and quality assurance areas, these businesses are successfully competing globally for business. Some of these advanced manufacturing businesses include:

  • Bisalloy – Exporting their armour-grade steel to militaries across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia
  • CSR Building Products –  chose Wollongong to manufacture their Australian-first innovative prefabricated façade system
  • Stolway – Exporting their HVAC products to the oil & gas sector in over 30 countries.

Other advanced manufacturing business who call Wollongong home are Bluescope, Komatsu, Ixom and David Brown Santalo.

By moving your business to Wollongong you will be exposed to companies who are actively seeking partnerships, can handle significant growth and foster a supportive business environment.

Our strength as a state

NSW manufacturers produce almost one-third of Australia’s total manufacturing output, generating around $33 billion in industry value. They also directly employ around 253,000 people – almost one-third of all jobs in the sector nationwide. Wollongong is at the heart of our state’s manufacturing expertise and growth.

The advanced manufacturing sector is rapidly changing and diversifying, and Wollongong companies are embracing this with a large number of them using advanced business models, processes and technology to grow and take advantage of new opportunities. This allows them to compete in both the Australian domestic environment and on a global scale in exporting their products to the world.

Wollongong’s infrastructure of interest

The infrastructure in Wollongong that will help support your advanced manufacturing business includes the Port of Port Kembla, the new AIE Gas Terminal, our road and rail infrastructure that will connect you to the rest of Australia. Wollongong is only an hour from the Sydney International Airport and enjoys digital connectivity on par with other major cities thanks to our National Broadband and LoRaWAN. Click here for detailed information on these and other infrastructure located in Wollongong.

Wollongong has brownfield and greenfield precincts for manufacturing operations. Our largest brownfield precinct is at Port Kembla. This precinct is ideal for advanced manufacturing businesses who are involved in heavy industry, machinery or the development of building products.

The Wollongong greenfield precinct is located at West Dapto/Kembla Grange. This industrial location is ideal for advanced manufacturing businesses in health manufacturing and high-end advanced manufacturing.

Wollongong is also home to the research and design teams of global manufacturing companies, including Komatsu and Stolway. These companies benefit from the University of Wollongong’s engineering expertise and graduates. Some are based at UOW’s Innovation Campus.

Industry assistance for advanced manufacturing businesses

The team at Invest Wollongong are keen to help you and give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of basing your business in Wollongong.

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