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New clean energy tours

Keen to see first-hand how the Illawarra is becoming a clean energy hub for Australia?
Inside Industry has launched new clean energy tours, supported by Wollongong City Council and the NSW Government.

Tours are now open to the local community including school groups. The tours include a general introduction to clean energy and Wollongong’s transition to renewable energy.

The tours also cover:

  • Renewable energy generated by offshore wind farms.
  • Australia’s first gas importation terminal being built at Port Kembla that will supply up to 70 percent of the State’s gas needs and help power the region’s fleet of dual fuel hydrogen capable power stations.
  • BlueScope major projects working towards a reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Hop online and book your tour to learn more about this transition based on renewable energy and hydrogen.

Illawarra Renewable Energy Zone

The Illawarra was identified as 1 of 6 Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) by the NSW Government, which could unlock a prospective 44 projects in the region worth $43B in potential investment. The region is an ideal location due to its major energy, port and transport infrastructure coupled alongside a highly skilled workforce. The region has the advantage of not only becoming a source of clean energy production, but also an industrial user of clean energy, including hydrogen.

Illawarra Offshore Wind Zone

In August 2023, The Hon. Chris Bowen MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy, formally announced that public consultation has commenced on the Illawarra Offshore Wind Zone. The proposed offshore wind area is 1461 square kilometres with the potential to generate up to 4.2GW from offshore wind farms. This would be enough to power up to 3.4 million homes. Just one turn of one offshore wind turbine provides as much energy as an average rooftop solar installation generates in a whole day, and it produces energy more consistently than onshore wind.

In support of the Illawarra Offshore Wind Zone, NSW Ports – the port manager of Port Kembla – has unveiled concept plans for a large-scale port facility in the Outer Harbour to support the construction and assembly needs of the offshore wind industry to compliment the Australian Government’s proposed Illawarra offshore wind development zone.

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Major clean energy projects

There are several clean energy projects in the pipeline for Wollongong that will decarbonize our future for generations to come.

Innovative new technology that uses mineshafts to generate energy

Green Gravity, a Wollongong-based innovator and developer of gravitational energy storage technology aims to lead the world in creating the future of energy from the legacy of mining. Founded in 2021, Green Gravity has developed a technology that utilises heavy objects moving vertically through legacy mineshafts to exchange electrical and gravitational potential energy.

Australia’s first gas importation facility

Squadron Energy LNG Terminal will deliver Australia’s first gas importation facility, with construction underway. When completed this facility will have the capacity to supply more than 70% of NSW’s gas requirements.

Gas pipeline at Port Kembla will be duplicated to increase capacity

Jemena – Port Kembla Lateral Pipeline Duplication + upgrades to the Eastern Gas Pipeline will deliver increased gas network capacity.

Australia’s first dual fuel power stations

EnergyAustralia – The Tallawarra B project, is set to be commissioned by the end of 2023 and will deliver Australia’s first dual fuel capable power station. In 2024 the Tallawarra A Power Station is being upgraded to make it dual fuel capable.

UOW Energy Future Skills Centre

The Commonwealth Government provided $10M in the 2022-23 Budget for the establishment of the Energy Futures Skills Centre at UOW. This centre will support the education, training and engagement needs for the work force of the future, in partnership with local industry, community and global partners.

There was also an additional $2.5M in funding to create a Renewable Energy Training facility at Wollongong TAFE to support training in renewable energy technologies.

The Energy Future Skills Centre will deliver skills development programs with courses jointly designed by UOW and TAFE NSW, to train the workforce of the future using state of the art clean energy and clean manufacturing teaching laboratories.

The Centre will also collaborate with new and established businesses to develop business models in the clean energy and manufacturing space and operate as an energy outreach centre, engaging communities in the development of an equitable energy future with strategic partnerships between UOW, TAFE NSW and industry partners.

Why Wollongong?

The Renewable Energy Zone (REZ), Offshore Wind Zone, and Port Kembla Hydrogen Hub are supported by an incredible array of engineering expertise and capabilities from nearly 100 years of heavy industry in which the port Kembla Steelworks employed over 30,000 at its peak.

With the University of Wollongong, NSW TAFE network, and over 700,000 workers within a one-hour commute of the Wollongong CBD, students and workers will be provided with a multitude of pathways to enjoy working in clean energy industries.

These emerging industries will see lots of job creation, up skilling and the need for highly skilled professions across many supportive sectors

Existing Transport infrastructure is well established to serve the REZ with

  • the port
  • rail
  • direct motorway links
  • a local airport.

This ground-breaking industrial precinct and these transformative projects and assets are the cornerstone investments in the regions’ decarbonised energy future.

Commitment to a clean energy future

Through its Climate Change Mitigation Strategy, Wollongong City Council has set a path to reduce its emissions to achieve net zero by 2030. Actions include joining the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM), and the City Power Partnership Program (CPP), and developing our Sustainable Wollongong 2030: A Climate Healthy City Strategy. Opportunities have been identified for the community to reduce their emissions and achieve net zero by 2050.

Case Study Videos

Hear from the experience of business people who live and work in Wollongong’s clean energy sector (and love it).

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