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Wollongong’s advantages in defence

Wollongong companies offer a wide range of capabilities to the defence industry, including:

  • Military-grade communications systems.
  • Armoured steel plate.
  • High-end welding and engineering.
  • Engineered plastics and polyurethane.
  • Electrical isolators and enclosures.
  • Specialist protective coatings.
  • Base safety systems.
  • Ruggedised medical computing devices.
  • Specialist labour services.

“The University of Wollongong has the Steel Research Hub that we partner with for our R&D, and our R&D team integrate very closely with the University.”

— Justin Suwart, Business Development Manager Defence & Protection Steels, Bisalloy Steel Group

Defence industry businesses

Wollongong is home to many large and established companies, some who have serviced the defence industry for decades.

  • IQ Kiosk
  • iSee
  • Klondu
  • Micromax Technology
  • Phoenix Australasia
  • Programmed Industrial Maintenance
  • Prokote
  • Snare Fabrications
  • Stolway Pty Ltd
  • WGE Group

Research and development organisations

Leading defence research and development organisations, established by or in partnership with the University of Wollongong, include:

  • Defence Materials Technology Centre – Providing the defence industry and advanced manufactures with solutions needed to enhance Australia’s defence manufacturing capability. The DMTC conducts the latest research in the fabrication of land and marine platforms through its multi-partner research.
  • SMART Infrastructure Facility – Brings together experts from the fields of economics, modelling, data analytics and system engineering, to apply research in the energy, water, transport and city planning domains. This research is focused on allowing manufactures to create the liveable cities of the future.
  • Steel Research Hub – Building on Wollongong’s rich history of steel manufacturing and industry, the Steel Research Hub draws on the combined capabilities of the University of Wollongong and partners in the steel industry to create competitive processing methodologies. This will continue to ensure growth and innovation in Australia’s steel value chain.

These organisations have been critical in supporting engineering and manufacturing businesses in Wollongong to convert technical know-how into world-class defence capability.