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Wollongong’s diverse business networks and professional groups

Whether you work within professional services, the tech industry, a startup or involved in advanced manufacturing, in Wollongong you will find several professional groups, business networks and networking events to suit your needs.

Our supportive business community will help you further develop your skilled workforce by helping you and your staff continue to grow professionally. You will also have the opportunity to create new business relationships and meet new supply chain or project partners. You will soon find that our welcoming and inclusive business culture will refresh and surprise you.

Fast-tracked business community integration – an inclusive and welcoming culture

There are many reasons why in Wollongong you will find our business community welcoming and inclusive. One of those reasons is that a welcoming spirit is at the very essence of our community. In day-to-day life, such as going for a walk, conversing with people you don’t know is often the norm rather than the exception.  We like to say hello – we like to make people feel welcomed. And this community culture transfers over to the business environment.

Business owners and company executives within Wollongong are also eager so see our city thrive, for more jobs to be created locally and for more people to enjoy our vibrant coastal city as their workplace. We all appreciate the privilege and benefits to our work-life balance we get to experience by being able to live and work in one of Australia’s most liveable cities, Wollongong. And when we hear about or see other companies and businesses move to our city, we are eager to support you. The Wollongong business community wants Wollongong-based businesses to succeed. In Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you are just a number, another business, another company – but in Wollongong, you will soon feel how you are part of our business family.

Diverse and experienced local economy with national and global companies

In Wollongong you will be able to connect with other businesses and global companies who also call our liveable city home. There are thousands of successful businesses based in Wollongong and hundreds of businesses with national and global reach.

Exposure to local businesses will give you and other key decision-makers in your business peace of mind that Wollongong is a superior business location many successful brands have chosen as a base. The reasons why they chose Wollongong vary, but the majority will agree that the vibrant city and people, the lifestyle Wollongong affords its residence and workforce, along with our large talent pool, proximity to Sydney and supportive business environment were huge draw cards.

“Within the Wollongong area, there is a great mix of established businesses and start-ups. Both of these attributes create an innovative growth environment, which attracts and retains talent to the area.”

— Ben Hobby, CEO, Itree

Access to an industry-focussed university that proactively engages with Wollongong’s business community

The University of Wollongong is very dedicated to engaging with the business community, and this adds a unique dimension to our city’s supportive business environment.

In addition to the traditional business support programs that most universities offer, such as higher education, the University of Wollongong has several sub-brands that directly and proactively create connections with the local business community at a commercial, partnerships and research level.

As a new business in Wollongong, you can create your own connections with researchers, start an R&D project or benefit from the universities expertise in your sector as soon as you like. Invest Wollongong can create help with any introductions and connections you require.

Active support and advocacy from local council and state government agencies

Wollongong City Council and the NSW Government offices based in Wollongong are passionate about helping businesses in Wollongong grow and to help attract more businesses to our region. Invest Wollongong itself is a partnership between Wollongong City Council, NSW Government and the University of Wollongong. We are one of a kind – to date, we have been unable to identify another business attraction agency that is partnered by such important entities for business success. We hope our commitment to working together across the three agencies and institutions reinforces our claim that we are proactive as a city and interested in helping your business move here and grow.

There are many ways that we can help you including introduce you to people within your specific sector, and across the Wollongong business community. To see the full list of our services, visit our How we can help page.

Access to infrastructure and support services to do business globally

Wollongong is well connected to Sydney and Canberra by road and rail. It also has its own airport within the region with daily flights to Melbourne and Brisbane.  Our CBD provides a diversity of real estate options for businesses including A-grade, B-grade and coworking spaces.

Our vibrant coastal city is also digitally connected allowing businesses in Wollongong to easily access and export to markets across the world. To complement the high-quality broadband network with double and triple fibre redundancy options, NBN has been rolled out throughout the city, providing local businesses with a fast and reliable connection.

Wollongong is also home to the Digital Living Lab that has deployed a radio communication network across the Wollongong region using LoRaWAN and other technologies for businesses to use. It is an open free-to-air Internet of Things (IoT) network that allows for the transportation of data from sensors to the user using a number of gateways.

“We find that the ecosystem of business here in Wollongong support us and will continue to support us for the future.”

— John Kollaras, Managing Director, Kollaras Group