Local startup Devika reaches global clients

Local tech startup Devika reaches global clients from Wollongong

After rising in the ranks of his family business, Ken Kencevski, a local Wollongong resident, left it all behind to follow in the footsteps of his entrepreneurial idols and launched Devika.

Inspired by Silicon Valley, the Wollongong-based tech startup employs 14 people full-time and specialises in using emerging technology – think virtual reality, artificial intelligence and mobile applications – to build meaningful experiences and solve problems across different industries.

With blue chip clients, including Westpac, Dell, Microsoft and Intel, Devika now services more than 100 clients both in Australia and overseas.

Ken Kencevski, Devika’s founder, comments on how he leveraged Wollongong’s solid foundation of community to establish his business:

“As an IT graduate from the University of Wollongong, I’ve experienced the community first-hand and seen other software developers emerge from the vibrant seaside city over the years. This was one of the main reasons why I knew it had all the factors needed for my business to thrive.

“The community support is such a strong advantage for startups, and I strongly believe that you reap what you sow. We foster new talent, which we know will benefit us in the long-run, by collaborating with UOW to host internships, hackathons and Global Game Jams.”

“Starting a business in Wollongong has huge operational advantages. Operational costs for one are much lower than major cities. Not having as many local sales opportunities on our doorstep means we’re forced to think global.

“For Devika, from day one we’ve been pushed towards international clients who have grown us exponentially. We’re a prime example demonstrating it’s entirely possible to build a successful company outside of capital cities, and to love where we live at the same time.”

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