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Our region is emerging as a significant location for the development of the clean and renewable energy sector thanks to its existing infrastructure and skilled workforce.

Wollongong is emerging as a significant location for the development of the clean and renewable energy sector.

Some of the factors driving the case for Wollongong as a premier location for the clean energy industry include:

  • Our region’s existing and extensive industrial, transport and energy infrastructure
  • The identification of Port Kembla Hydrogen Hub and the Illawarra Renewable Energy Zone by NSW Government
  • Our city’s university, the University of Wollongong, and its record of research and development projects with business and industry
  • Skilled, professional workforce in manufacturing, engineering, tech and procurement

The opportunity for our region’s economy in the clean energy sector is significant. Invest Wollongong looks forward to proactively and progressively promoting the development of the clean energy sector in, and around, our city.

Below is a list of 2023 news and announcements, which we’ll continue to update.

  • Illawarra Hydrogen Technology Hub

BOC has announced plans to accelerate the design and development of a Hydrogen Technology Hub after being awarded $28.5M from the NSW Government. It’s expected the hydrogen hub will be developed at BOC’s Port Kembla operations site. 

  • Hydrogen energy project funding

The University of Wollongong’s Professor Gerhard Swiegers has received $3.7M in in Australian Research Council funding to “accelerate the decarbonisation of industry by advancing the manufacture of high-efficiency water electrolysers, a key component of green hydrogen”.  

  • Hydrogen Hub funding announcement

One of two recipients of NSW Hydrogen Hub funding announced in March includes BOC’s project to construct a 10 megawatt electrolyser at Cringila, near Port Kembla. The electrolyser is anticipated to produce four tonnes of green hydrogen when complete.

  • Winds of change: NSW Ports proposal

In February, NSW Ports unveiled its concept plans for a large-scale facility at Port Kembla’s Outer Harbour. The new development would support manufacture and assembly for offshore wind projects, and assist the transition to renewable energy in NSW.

  • Renewable Energy Zone

In February, the Illawarra was identified as one of five NSW Renewable Energy Zones (REZ). The Illawarra REZ declaration means that planning and development to accommodate renewable energy projects in the region can begin.

  • Cross-nation energy project funding

ATCO and Hysata have each received ARENA funding through the Australia-Germany HyGATE initiative to undertake feasibility on two hydrogen energy related projects in the region. Announced in January, the projects are undertaken jointly with a German partner organisation.

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