One to 183: Counting our small bars, restaurants and cafes

From a smorgasbord of business lunch choices, to cosy, small bars open into the wee hours, Wollongong CBD offers some great options for casual catch-ups or formal dining. 

Although those who live and work in Wollongong know that the food and dining scene has really transformed, a recent survey backs up the vibe on the ground. 

The options on offer have more than doubled since an original ‘audit’ in Wollongong CBD in 2012. Our most recent survey, undertaken earlier this year, counted 183 small bars and cafes, compared to 81 a decade ago. 

This audit also found that despite the immense disruptions and impacts of COVID-19, there has been a small reduction of the overall numbers of small bars and cafes between pre-pandemic and post-pandemic times. A 2019 audit counted 191 businesses in the category, compared to the current 183. 

Wollongong CBD’s vibrant dining and entertainment scene is a key piece of the offer our city presents to businesses – and talented people – looking for a new office location. 

The Wollongong CBD website has lots of content to explore on the cafes, bars and restaurants in the city centre. You can also check out our recent blog post on CBD business lunch venues: a ‘taste’ of the great options on offer (there’s so many more). 

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