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How does being based in Wollongong help with your work-life balance?


In Wollongong, you don’t need to ‘pay an arm and a leg’ for a house and your workplace can be five minutes from home. You arrive to work refreshed in the morning. And because of the time you save avoiding a long commute you have time to engage in other activities with your family or friends.

You have time to pursue your interests and take care of your health. You can be a cyclist, you can be a swimmer, a runner, or a bush walker. Living and working in Wollongong allows you to have the time to do all those things!

“Whereas I know firsthand from my friends in Sydney that when you spend an hour and a half stuck in traffic every day, then you start to forget about life.”

As a keen cyclist I can ride an hour and a half in the morning, and then get to work at 8:15am. Who does that? We do!


What would be your top three things to see or do in Wollongong for newcomers?


First of all, drive and familiarise yourself with the landscapes up and down the coast. I suggest heading up and over to the Southern Highlands and go down through Kangaroo Valley to see some spectacular landscapes.

Second, pick one of those places you saw and immerse yourself in it. Go for a swim, go for a bush walk, a bike ride or even hang gliding. Or go and see a famous location like the Scarborough Pub. But don’t just think “Wow, that looks great” go and immerse yourself in it. Don’t just be a bystander, partake in these activities.

Third, go and experience the vibe of the place. Meet the people who live at Scarborough, Windang, West Dapto or Port Kembla and who would never live anywhere else.