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Invest Wollongong Stakeholder Program

We know that many of you love Wollongong and what it has to offer your business. And you also want to see others benefit from what our vibrant coastal city has to offer. This is why we developed the Invest Wollongong (IW) Stakeholder Program. We have seen first-hand how passionate other Wollongong founders and professionals are about our city. This is an opportunity for you to contribute to our goal of attracting more like-minded businesses and individuals to our city.

Invest Wollongong is on a mission to make Wollongong known domestically and internationally as a superior business location

You will also help others. We have over 23,000 people commuting to Sydney every day for work. This impacts our community. They spend hours travelling to and from work. To help improve the work-life balance of our fellow citizens – many whom would prefer to have local jobs – we need to attract more companies to Wollongong.

And we need your help to get the Invest Wollongong message out!

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Your potential impact may be greater than you realise

Invest Wollongong does not have access to the network you have as a business owner and individual. Think about your business partners, suppliers, previous school or university friends, work colleagues, friends and family who are influencers or decision-makers within organisations, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or other major cities nationally or internationally. Could you help us reach them by spreading the message behind Why Wollongong?


Supporters can be small businesses, companies, co-operatives, incorporated associations, state and federal government departments and agencies who support the mission of Invest Wollongong. Some of the activities we encourage IW supporters to do include:

  • Follow and actively promote Invest Wollongong and positive Wollongong news stories on social media.
  • Provide a link to the Invest Wollongong website on your website.
  • Promote Invest Wollongong, its messaging and campaigns within your internal and external company communications (newsletters, social media, notice boards etc).
  • Provide Invest Wollongong with contact details and/or introductions to key decision-makers in companies nationally or internationally who would be a good fit for Wollongong.
  • Understand our mission and messaging – including the type of businesses we are wanting to attract to Wollongong and why.

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners are those who are able and willing to commit greater effort into helping Invest Wollongong reach business owners outside of our region. It is also open to small businesses, companies, co-operatives, incorporated associations, state and federal government departments.

In addition to the supporter activities, corporate partners will:

  • Host an Invest Wollongong event, at a suitable location (e.g. Sydney or inter-state office), that maximises the spreading of the Invest Wollongong message.
  • Invite Invest Wollongong representatives to present to your organisation’s non-Wollongong-based members/clients (e.g. state or national level gatherings) about the benefits of Wollongong as a business location.
  • Arrange for key individuals in your company to attend Invest Wollongong events/functions and potentially present at them.


Ambassadors are individuals who have strong links to intra-state, interstate and international businesses, and are willing to personally advocate the benefits of Wollongong to these connections. Becoming an ambassador is by invite only.