Wollongong software company makes list of Australia’s fastest starting businesses

Wollongong software company Easy Agile makes Australian Financial Review list of 'Australia's fast starters'

Wollongong software company Easy Agile has been named in the Top 100 of Australian Financial Review “Australia’s Fast Starters”.

The list published in the AFR on Monday celebrates the fastest growing companies in Australia that began trading after 2015

Chief executives Nick Muldoon and Dave Elkan welcomed the news as Easy Agile’s team started working from home instead of in lower Crown Street Mall.

The business was planning to renovate a new larger space in Regent Street from April and begin growing its workforce towards 40. But is likely to hold off that work for a while as it works out how it will interview applicants and get its team used to the new way of working in the coronavirus world.

With one of its apps supporting large companies who have been forced to work from home the business is expecting Covid-19 to increase demand for that product.

Easy Agile has consistently hired locally since it began in 2016. During the last four years it has grown its customer base to more than 83,000 teams at companies such as Amazon, Bloomberg, Twitter and Netflix.

Mr Muldoon said he found out Easy Agile was included in AFR’s Top 100 list of fast starters two weeks ago.

“I am really proud. It is really nice to be recognised in the Financial Review. But the pressure is now on. I would like to continue that growth”

The immediate challenge with Covid-19 is how do they navigate the remainder of the present financial year and continue Easy Agile’s rapid growth in the next.

Mr Muldoon said that will come down to many things such as what does coronavirus mean for Easy Agile’s customers and their customers’ customers.

“It is a really big unknown for us at the moment,” he said.

Article by: Greg Ellis, The Illawarra Mercury.
Source: https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/6692140/wollongong-software-company-makes-list-of-australias-fastest-starting-businesses/


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