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Hear the experiences of business people who live and work in Wollongong - and love it.

Wollongong has it all

✅ Smart, talented people
✅ Less commute time for more personal time
✅ The ‘right’ side of Sydney’s airport
✅ Accessible, supportive business networks
✅ Enviable work-life balance

Combined with the 70% uplift in city’s A-grade office development pipeline, Wollongong CBD is a legitimate, alternate location for businesses considering options for a new satellite office, shared services centre or space to grow and scale.

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With its focus on the transition to renewable energy, Wollongong is the ideal location for Hysata’s HQ for its world leading hydrogen electrolyser technology.

With its proven manufacturing capability and industry research collaboration, Wollongong was an obvious choice for Green Gravity.

Wollongong’s great lifestyle means health insurer Peoplecare enjoys a stable workforce with low staff turnover.

For Scalapay’s tech HQ, Wollongong offers two key benefits: world-class talent and the University of Wollongong.

Easy Agile’s founders chose Wollongong to set-up their now global business, for its proximity to Sydney and more relaxed lifestyle.

Wollongong’s lifestyle enriches the Cardno employee value proposition and helps to attract – and retain – high performing employees.

With clients in 86 countries, Accelo is helping create a world-class environment for technology and innovation – right here in Wollongong.

Being able to tap into a large talent pool is just one of the advantages that NEC found when setting up its Wollongong office.

Wollongong offers our employees a fantastic work-life balance without the long commute, creating a comfortable and happy life outside of work.

I’ve made wonderful friends thanks to the supportive business environment in Wollongong, there’s certainly a growing community of tech entrepreneurs.

Wollongong is a great location for KPMG.  There are a range of clients who require the professional services of a firm like ours delivered by locally based staff.

Wollongong: A superior location for business
Work-life balance in Wollongong
Wollongong's supportive business environment
A vibrant coastal city
Wollongong: One hour south of Sydney
Our global university: UOW

Our supportive business networks

Siligong Valley is a group of passionate tech professionals, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs promoting the growing tech industry in Wollongong.

It’s just one example of many networking groups in our city that will welcome and support your business if you choose to make the move to Wollongong.

Check out the video case study: Siligong Valley

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